Getting a Government Contract If You Are a Small Business Can Be a Royal Pain in the Rear

So, you’d like to start a small business and get some government contracts, and enjoy a steady business knowing that your customer will never go bankrupt, because they can always print more money or borrow. Also the government has the taxpayer to back them up if they run out. For many small businesses this sounds like quite a good idea. But I’d like you to stop and reconsider this, over the years, and having done lots of business with the government, I have never found them to be our best customer.Indeed, in some cases I found the government agencies which we did business with to be some of our worst customers, slowest to pay, and biggest pains in the butt. It is difficult to get government contracts, and they generally wish to have the lowest price, and in some cases I imagine it’s very similar to doing business with Sears or Wal-Mart. Before you think you are going to get rich doing government contracting, there’s things I like you to consider.In fact, there is a very good article that you might wish to look up by Emily Maltby, which was in the Wall Street Journal on Tuesday, April 20, 2010. It was in the small business section and the title was; “Government Contracts Can Be a Long Haul-Big Investments in Time and Capital Make Uncle Sam a Dubious Option for Firms on the Break; ‘It’s a Different World’” – and in this article were several small businesses, which had been stretched for cash during the recession and yet their business plan called for getting more government contracts.Their stories and woes will shock you. Often government agencies will wish to buy services or products, and then they are forced to cut their budget without notice, and the first thing they do is look at all their contracts and figure out which ones they contact, and often put a moratorium on new contracts. If you are a small business in a government contractor sector, you could find yourself in a world of hurt; namely, no new business coming in.This at a time when your other customers are paying you slow, and even many government agencies are paying 180 days out, causing your cash flow to be virtually nonexistent and forcing you to lay off your workforce. This is a small business person’s dilemma, and during this last recession when credit was tight small businesses do not have the ability to go borrow money against their future cash flow unless they wish to pay super high interest rates through factoring.This last global financial crisis hit the banking sector extremely hard and therefore hit the small business community, or Main Street even worse. Many large corporations were able to sell corporate bonds, but small businesses cannot finance that way, and even the investment banks, which often lend to the largest of the small businesses, were basically doing no deals at all.This, on top of the fact that it can take an extremely long time and a lot of energy to get a government contracts in the first place. First you must bid on the contract, negotiate everything, sign the contract, deliver products and services, cover all the cash flow, and labor, and then wait to get paid. By that time many small businesses will go broke. The United States government may be the lender of last resort for Wall Street and the banking sector, but it shouldn’t be the customer of last resort for your small business. Please consider all this.

Use Your Small Business Website To Gain Leverage Over The Competition – Unlock What’s Inside

There are many arsenal tools of a Small Business, but by far the greatest is the Business Website. Without a business website for The Small Businessman it can be very difficult to reach your fullest growth potential. There are many benefits locked inside your business website. The key is to find them and unlock your websites potential to be a money making machine for your business. See if these 5 power tools can unlock the potential that’s inside your website.Tool 1. The Small Business Website Can Be Designed & Structured To Build BusinessThe structure of a Small Business Website can be designed to bring a focus to what’s important to you company and to bring you more business. Using proper placement of things like opt-in forms, videos, picture images, pop-up pages, landing pages, color palettes, Facebook & Twitter shares & survey forms can not only make you website fun & exciting to see visually, but it can also move and flow traffic to different pages of your website. Website design & structure can lead customers to buying shopping carts, that can boost sales. Large images on a photographer or artist website can help to showcase work better. The right placement of color on your web pages can turn the attention of your customers and highlight sales, a special discount coupon, or a survey form you desire your customer to fill out. What ever strategies you decide to use, make sure as you are designing your website with a little more thought about website design & structure to bring business.Tool 2. The Small Business Website Is Your VoiceThe Small Business Website is the primary tool to share the voice of your company. Your business website should be from your point of view. How or What your company… Thinks? Feels? Wishes? Desires? So how do you accomplish all of this in one website? Through CONTENT! Content Management is your voice. Sometimes on a website it is design with a blogging system that allows you to post content regularly which helps generate a following or leads. For businesses like MLM’s, Direct Sales, or Service Businesses, blogging has a very inexpensive starting cost with a high return value. Share the voice of your business with the world and watch the financial benefits follow.Tool 3. The Small Business Website Can Be A Leverage ToolWhen you have a small business, using your website to leverage or give your business the upper hand over competition is a high priority. There are statistics by Google that show 66% of Small Business do not have a business website. OK… Breathe & Meditate on this for a moment… Ready? What this statistic is saying, is only 44% of people in your industry have a website that is in front of buying customers each day. So if you have a product like Organic Skin Care, or a specialized service for example Immigration Law, then you can see how a business website can almost immediately increase your leveraging power. And remember to use your VOICE… ie CONTENT for more leveraging power. Tool 4. The Small Business Website Can Establish You As The Expert & AuthorityNow that you know only a small percentage of people have a small business website in your industry, it’s easier to recognized how powerful a website can be, and how this can set you as the expert or authority in your industry. Posting articles on your website puts your company’s name in front of your customers or clients. In your article, give your potential customers information that is helpful to them. Provide information that helps them to make a better buying decision on products. All of these things establishes your small business as an authority and you as the expert. Each week by sharing vital nuggets and segments of key reviews, potential customer & prospects look to your business for critical answers.Tool 5. The Small Business Website Can Be The Ultimate Advertising BillboardMost small business have little to no advertising dollars. So one of the best and least expensive ways to advertise is through your website. It is the Ultimate Advertising Billboard. Creating Banner Ads, for example, can showcase what your business does, or what you have to offer can be place on your website to increase your sales. Often time websites are built only as an Affiliate Marketing site for just that reason. Also the cost to advertise in the newspaper, or in a magazine can be expensive, and your ad will only run a few time before you have to pay again. With a website, your ads can stay up for as long as you like. When someone is using a search engines, an optimized website can drive traffic right to the Banner Ads with just what your customers wants.